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About Us

Collection of life planner covers
Designing with you and our planet in mind.

Welcome to the world of Plan Happy products, where planning transforms into an art, and each day becomes a canvas of possibilities. Our unwavering mission is to empower you with an exquisite array of tools, igniting a journey of boundless productivity, unbridled creativity, and profound fulfillment.

Guided by our dedication to a better world, we craft more than just planners; we craft dreams with a conscience. Every element of our collection, from the luxuriously crafted notebooks to the meticulously designed accessories, is chosen with thoughtfulness. As passionate guardians of the planet, our commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices is woven into every fiber and page.

At Plan Happy, we're more than just creators. We're dreamers who turned a passion project into a mission. Born from the desire to build planners that encapsulate your individuality while safeguarding our environment, we're committed to becoming the ultimate resource for planner enthusiasts across the United States. And as we carve this path, our vision stretches beyond horizons, embracing souls across the globe.


Discover the art of planning that evokes smiles, ignites aspirations, and transforms routines into rituals. Join us in embracing a life of harmonious planning, where every stroke of your pen is a brushstroke of sustainability. Explore our products today, and let's embark on this joyful journey together.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Empower individuals with a beautiful and fun array of sustainable and artful planning tools, igniting journeys of productivity, creativity, and fulfillment.

Vision Statement

To be a leading resource for planner enthusiasts, uniting artful planning, sustainability, and boundless inspiration to create smiles and positive change worldwide.

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